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February 22, 2010 9:10:07.680

My wife's Macbook (now fairly old, I guess) seems to be having a problem - while the battery has power (there's a button you can press to check on the white macbooks), the machine isn't actually getting any. So it's off to the Apple store for an appointment today - it should still be under AppleCare, so at least it won't cost me an arm and a leg...

posted by James Robertson


Re: Back to the Apple Store

[John M McIntosh] February 22, 2010 15:38:06.979

BTW batteries aren't covered by the applecare warranty. Odd, but true.I think apple has fostered the responsibility back to the battery supplier, something about exploding batteries.

However Apple did replace mine as a goodwill gesture when it ballooned up, no doubt not wanting to fan flames of battery failure stories.

But given your battery test button says GREEN, then I'd guess the failure is in the macbook so you shouldn't have a problem

Re: Back to the Apple Store

[James Robertson] February 22, 2010 18:11:35.151

Apple seems to think it's a logic board issue, and it's covered :)

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