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Debugging Hard Problems

May 6, 2010 8:18:32.927

Sometimes you run flat into a brick wall - you can usually resolve issues with the Smalltalk debugger, but - what if you're having problems at the VM level?

Well, there are two online resources that should give you some tips on getting started:

Have a look - if you need more information, and you're a customer, try Cincom Smalltalk Support

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Debugging Hard Problems

[Madhu] May 6, 2010 16:24:38.382

Do you some similar info/tips for ObjectStudio classic? Specially for two errors which always lead to frustration "Memory Access Voilation" and "System Primitive Failed".

Re: Debugging Hard Problems

[james Robertson] May 6, 2010 16:52:47.902

ObjectStudio 8 uses the same VM, so the same tips should work :)

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