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A Dance With Dragons

October 22, 2011 19:15:24.687

I just finished A Dance with Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Five - and as per usual, he's thrown a few curveballs at us. Here we are in book five, and we are still being introduced to new characters. There's also a shocking (to me, at least) death near the end of the book - someone who I was sure was going to be a player all the way to the end bought the farm.

I'm still not pleased with what he's doing with Arya - I'd like to see her come back into the main story somehow. At least Tyrion is still a major player - I like that character quite a bit, and he keeps managing to land on his feet (although I'm curious to see how the deal he makes towards the end of this book plays out; his cards seem really weak at this point.

My one complaint was that the book was hard to get back into. Like the Wheel of Time books, the gap between installments has just been too long, and by the time a new one comes along, I've forgotten where the story was. At least winter has finally arrived :)

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