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Who's On First, or the Joys of Verizon Billing

December 5, 2011 19:16:37.034

Last summer I changed the credit card I use to pay my Verizon (FIOS) bill - my old card expired, I called them updated the information, and moved along. Well, not so much. As I was looking into a work issue, my network dropped. I rebooted the router (that's usually what it is), and instead found a "service suspended notice".

Four different Verizon people (across 3 phone numbers) later, I discovered:

  • They had no card on file for me
  • The last payment was in August, when I changed the card
  • No, they hadn't thought to contact me
  • No, I couldn't pay the bill with the billing department, I had to use an automated phone system
  • Sadly, I didn't know the account number (they don't send me a bill, and I have no idea what it is)
  • My account is not tied to a phone number

Now, I understand why they won't hand out the account number when I called; I could have been spear fishing. Still, this left me with a problem: how to pay the bill? Finally, one of the people I got said she could call the automated system, punch in my account number, and then get off the line, leaving me to pay it.

Then, to add some more misery, my work computer is refusing to get a new IP address. It insists on trying to grab one the router has already handed out. Awesome.

posted by James Robertson


Re: Who's On First, or the Joys of Verizon Billing

[ Terry] December 6, 2011 10:56:33.663

Comment by Terry

You could always tell Verizon to mail you the bill and pay by check.

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