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Waving Goodbye to Windows

December 9, 2011 19:37:48.886

My wife's old XP box developed a bad sector problem on its hard drive, and it's old enough that it just wasn't worth it to fix - we dumped the data to a USB drive, and ordered a Mac Mini. She'll still need Windows access for some old apps, but that's what Parallels is for :)

The last non-VM Windows box in the house exists for only one reason now - to provide wired internet access to my XBox when I use the XBox in the exercise room :)

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Waving Goodbye to Windows

[Mel Riffe] December 9, 2011 19:41:06.376

Nice! I wish I could be Windows-free, but, alas, I'm the only Mac in the house. Some day... Some day...

Re: Waving Goodbye to Windows

[W^L+] December 9, 2011 19:47:33.686

Hoping to replace the last non-VM Windows machine in my house early next year. Too bad the job isn't Windows-free.

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