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Thu'umcast 9: It Takes Two to Daedra (AAC)

December 9, 2011 23:48:13.229


Welcome to episode 9 of "Thu'umcast" - a podcast where Michael Lucas-Smith, Scott Dirk, Austin Haley, Makahlua and I document our trials and tribulations in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Today Michael, Austin, and James talk about the Daedra quests, the somewhat underwhelming end to the Alduin dragon quest, and the glitches that seem to pile on higher the later in the game you go.

If you liked our work on That Podcast, you'll probably like this. We intend to stay with the same idea - a gameplay podcast. If you don't want spoilers, don't listen - we are going to be talking about how we play the game, and what we ran across as we played.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Thu'umcast 9: It Takes Two to Daedra (AAC)

[smthng] December 10, 2011 14:14:39.758

You mentioned that you wanted to hear from PS3 players about how broken Skyrim is... I'm about level 36 as an archer on the PS3. All the negative talk is mostly hype, it's completely playable. There are some glitches that are interesting, but don't really affect anything, like dragons occasionally flying backwards. The framerates are generally pretty good since the 1.2 patch, but it does stutter at times... not enough to really be a problem though. There are also a fair amount of texture pops, especially when in a field with a lot of foliage and plants and a foggy mountain or two in the background. Like the other bits I mentioned, it's not enough of an issue to worry about.

The one major issue I've had is that it crashes fairly frequently (maybe once every two or three hours) when loading new areas after fast travel or opening a door. The load screen comes up with some of the smoke on the bottom of the screen, then it just freezes and a hard reset is required... needless to say, this encourages frequent saving. :S

The worst part of this is that when the PS3 is rebooted it will sometimes say that a crash was bad enough that it needs to check the file system. I have a 500 Gb drive, so that takes a LONG time. :( This is the only game I've ever had that caused this and I was fairly freaked out the first time I saw the message (it's not at all reassuring). Maybe it's an extra feature of the new 4.0 update on the PS3, or may no other game has crashed as "badly" as Skyrim before now. I'm not sure which, but it's a pretty major pain and it's one of the things I hope Bethesda addresses really quickly.

Anyway, keep up the 'cast and go kill some dragons!

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