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The TSA Finds a Nut

August 10, 2011 11:35:08.000

Is a smidgen of common sense finally arriving at the TSA? One can only hope:

The changes won’t come quickly, as I note in my op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal. At four select airports beginning this fall, “trusted travelers” — elite-level members of American and Delta Airlines’ frequent flier programs — will be able this fall to skip some of the sillier security protocols. The airlines know who they are, the thinking goes, and they travel constantly. So the chances that one of them is carrying a bomb are vanishingly small. Some travelers may keep their shoes on; others may not have to remove their laptops from their cases. If it goes well, the pilot project will expand beyond Atlanta, Detroit, Miami and Dallas-Fort Worth, and include more airlines.

The thing to watch here is whether some well meaning fools derail this nascent common sense move by calling it "unfair".

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posted by James Robertson

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