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Repudiating Windows 8

January 13, 2014 20:56:14.000

It dawns on Microsoft that a laptop or desktop is different than a tablet or a phone:

To distance itself from the Windows 8 snafu, Microsoft's next major update -- Threshold -- will reportedly skip Windows 8.2 and jump straight to Windows 9. Windows 9 is expected to arrive in April 2015, with internal sources saying that Windows 9 will make good on many of the Windows 8 features that caused such cruel and unusual distress to Desktop users. The Start menu is expected to make its illustrious return, and you should be able to run Metro apps on the Desktop in windows. Microsoft is still on schedule to release Windows Phone 8.1 and a service/feature pack for Windows 8.1 at the Build conference in April.


posted by James Robertson


Re: Repudiating Windows 8

[TWW] January 14, 2014 16:25:17.620

I wish I had enough money to survive failures like Windows 1,2,3 (pre 3.11), Me, Vista, and 8.

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