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Is the Home Theather Doomed?

July 7, 2013 10:23:29.293

In an article about audio formats - and why the convenience of mp3 has killed alternative formats (as mass consumption options), Engadget's Brad Hill asks a question that I hadn't really considered - is the home theatear on a long glideway towards doom?

And with the rise of movie-surfing on tablets (mobility rules again), what is the future of home theater? Is today's living room oasis the desktop computer of 2020?

If so, Microsoft is going to be very disappointed in the direction they've been taking the XBox....

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Is the Home Theather Doomed?

[HolgerK] July 7, 2013 17:57:40.194

Didn't anyone at Universal read the following?

[link 1]

[1 http://xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/neil-young.html]

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