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Cell Phones, RF, and Health

June 17, 2010 13:50:28.403

It sounds to me like the mobile phone field is still moving to quickly to get definitive data - the studies on cell phones and brain tumors were all done in a largely (gone now) analog spectrum phone world:

Unfortunately, there were flaws and vagueness in the Interphone study, starting with the fact that it was based on cell phone use six years ago and out of date compared to today's 3G-class phones. This enabled the CTIA to cite it as evidence that cell phones were not a definitive factor in cases of brain cancer.

Then we had 2G digital for a bit (still do), and 3G, while mature, is still rolling out. 4G (LTE) is right around the corner. Nothing has been in the field long enough for a longitudinal study to yield useful numbers. Even if 3G and LTE settle down and stick for awhile, you'll still have to wait for years before there's enough data. As I was saying on a different topic yesterday, we just don't know what we don't know...

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posted by James Robertson

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