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A Lost Epilogue?

May 27, 2010 15:37:26.000

Michael Emerson (Lost's Benjamin Linus) says that the Lost DVD set will include an epilogue:

It turns out that when the complete Lost series is released on DVD, the set will include what Emerson calls an "epilogue" that will focus on Ben and Hurley protecting the Island in the post-Jack era.
"It's 12 or 14 minutes that opens a window onto that gap of unknown time between Hurley becoming number one and the end of the series," Emerson told host Kevin Pereira. "It's self-contained, although it's a rich period in the show's mythology that has never been explored."

So... the flash sideways was the post life before they could move on, but the island story was real. It's all very confusing :)

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posted by James Robertson


Re: A Lost Epilogue?

[Todd Edwin King] May 27, 2010 20:01:10.961

It is definitely very confusing. My initial thoughtful reaction was that they were all always dead, and none of it ever happened (other than the plane crashing.) This made all of the unanswered questions irrelevant. Then I was talking with a co-worker, and he argued the "island stuff was real; the sideways stuff was after they all died" theory. So I went back and watched the ending again and came to agree with the latter...which sucks because that leaves so many unanswered questions.

Plus I saw a clip where the producers said they thought they may have given too much away in an episode of season six where Jack's neck was bleeding for no apparent reason (in the sideways world) - flash forward to the end where Locke cut into Jack's throat with a knife...

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