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tODE for Seaside and Pharo

August 13, 2011 10:58:15.694

Dale Henreichs announced tODE - it sounds a lot like what Cincom was trying to do with WebVelocity, but it's open source and runs on Pharo:

tODE runs as a javascript client in the web-browser and leverages the hypertext model to provide a natural and powerful tool for manipulating and exploring objects in the Smalltalk image. tODE has mappings for all of the traditional Smalltalk tools (inspectors, browsers, debuggers) and some unique tools in support of multi-platform development. tODE is currently in a pre-alpha development state and version 0.1 is in a near constant state of flux. If you want to take tODE for a spin, download the One-Click image.

There are instructions on the Google code site for loading it from scratch, and a "getting started" video. Sounds pretty cool; I'll have to check it out.

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posted by James Robertson

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