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March 8, 2011 15:30:00.000

Peter William Lount has been working on Zokutalk as a side project for quite awhile - here's a code example to give you an idea as to what he's been up to.  If nothing else, it's a stab at a file based syntax for a Smalltalk-like language.

posted by James Robertson


Re: ZokuTalk

[Torsten] March 8, 2011 17:24:21.306

Reminds me on Smallscript!

Re: ZokuTalk

[anonymous] March 9, 2011 11:40:59.860

I wonder if this ZokuTalk and ZokuScript that Peter William Lount is working on will be a free / open source sort of thing, or strictly for a commercial product. I've done some web searching and I see some posts by him saying how cool the whole thing is, but outside of the code example that you link to, I'm not seeing much said about it yet. I'd love to perhaps implement something similar for some things I'd like to do someday.

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