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You Don't Want This Quota

May 28, 2010 6:29:16.000

Engadget reports that Microsoft is expecting to sell 30 million Windows 7 phones by the end of 2011:

We've got to hand it to Microsoft -- when it sets a goal, it really sets a goal. As you can see in the slide above shown during a ReMix event in Paris yesterday, Microsoft is apparently expecting to sell 30 million Windows Phone 7 devices by the end of 2011, based on IDC projections

Umm, how? The phone doesn't exist yet, Apple and Google have well defined products, HP may be breathing new life into Palm, and Microsoft is deeply, deeply confused about their integration story - how does this new device fit in with the XBox and Zune, for instance?

I expect Microsoft to end up very, very disappointed.

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posted by James Robertson

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