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Who Needs Rights When we Have Copyrights?

September 28, 2011 8:35:38.695

The bizarro universe beast that is ACTA is still alive, and it looks like the power elites of the Western world want to ram it down all of our throats, regardless of how the law is supposed to work. Via Techdirt:

Despite serious Constitutional concerns in the US, and significant legal questions in the EU, it appears that the US and the EU, along with most of the other participants in the ACTA negotiations are planning to sign ACTA this weekend in Japan. In the US, this may very well lead to a Constitutional challenge. President Obama, via the USTR, is ignoring the Senate's oversight concerning treaties, by pretending ACTA is not a treaty, but rather an "executive agreement." Pretty much everyone else agrees that ACTA is a binding treaty -- in fact, EU negotiators have been quite vocal on that point.

All I can say is wow - the gall involved here is massive. If this thing is so important, it can go to the Senate and follow the process. The fact that the powers that be want to avoid that route is very, very telling.

posted by James Robertson

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