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Shut Up, He Explained

January 12, 2012 14:00:00.000

Some people just can't handle the idea that non-"professionals" are working successfully in their space. Take Bob Bly - the idea that writing basic copy is becoming a commodity terrifies him (most likely because it damages his billing rate):

Now a relatively new term — content — further degrades writers and the status of writing.

"Writing" sounds like a craft or skill. "Content" sounds like something you buy by the can or by the pound.

Or, maybe - just maybe - his "mad writing skills" aren't so special after all, and lots of people out there can do the same thing - at a fraction of the cost.

posted by James Robertson


Re: Shut Up, He Explained

[Gregg] January 14, 2012 2:53:23.483

Good point, have you ever met a surgeon working behind the counter at McDonalds? I haven't; I have met a lot of artists, musicians, writers and actors. These are fields that favour the lucky, because you find the talent and skill everywhere.

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