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Polycephaly Take 2

July 12, 2011 9:44:57.000

Michael has put up a pretty detailed post on the lessons learned from the initial cut at Polycephaly - and what he and a few other engineers at Cincom have done for take 2:

So, the technical debt on Polycephaly finally reached a turning point when a review was written on the VWNC mailing list and I was resolved to fix the problems. And what luck, I had an engineering trip planned to travel to Ottawa where two of my colleagues live, and then to Victoria (Vancouver Isle.) where another one of my colleagues live. It just so happens that these colleagues could help me and face to face time is invaluable. I present to you Xtreams-Grid, a VisualWorks and ObjectStudio solution for working with multiple images on your local machine and across a network.

Follow the link for lots more details, including the features list.

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posted by James Robertson

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