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More Stupidity on Copyright

September 1, 2011 16:35:53.000

The drive to "protect" intellectual property is getting dumber, and it's not limited to the US - Look at what's happening in New Zealand:

The Government's Copyright Amendment Act comes into force today and anyone caught downloading copyrighted content illegally could face fines of up to $15,000 and have their internet cut off.

So say you run a Starbucks in New Zealand, and someone decides to download a few songs via bittorrent while they have a latte. That leaves Starbucks open to the penalties.

The unintended consequences of this are going to be really, really bad.

posted by James Robertson


Re: More Stupidity on Copyright

[Bruce Hobbs] September 1, 2011 17:43:43.576

What makes you think the consequences are unintended?

Re: More Stupidity on Copyright

[James Robertson] September 1, 2011 19:49:44.464

Oh, I know what you mean. I just expect even worse :)

Re: More Stupidity on Copyright

[anonymous] September 2, 2011 4:50:49.326

It is just evolving to the situation where actually robbing a store and stealing the music/movies is considered less "evil" (and will be punished less) than downloading said music/movies.

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