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Moose 4.1 Ships

September 20, 2010 12:47:27.769

Tudor Girba has announced Moose 4.1. What's New?

  • Significant speed improvements of Mondrian and Glamour
  • Improved Mondrian drawing of complex shapes
  • Improved Glamour engine to handle cyclic updates
  • New user interface look an feel
  • Improved set of Glamour widgets
  • Re-packaging to strengthen the naming convention
  • Re-organization of the code to break unwanted dependencies
  • Cleaning of FAMIX
  • New extensible design of the Moose Finder
  • New PetitParser-based parsers for MSE, Java, and MANIFEST.MF files
  • New browser for meta-models described in MSE files
  • Based on Pharo 1.1

Follow the link for download and installation instructions.

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posted by James Robertson

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