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Make that Content Available

February 3, 2011 9:41:07.000

Who knew? The media's theory about making content available during brief "windows" drives up piracy rates outside of those windows. TechDirt explains:

One of the main reasons why people access unauthorized copies is because they can't get legitimate copies. The movie industry is so infatuated with "windows" that it doesn't seem to realize that restricting how people can access their movies only drives more and more people to unauthorized means.

That, and the fact that the media outfits are consumed with the idea of selling you N copies of the same content, where N equals the number of devices you own. Here's a hot tip: if I have the DVD, I shouldn't need to buy a digital copy to put on my iPad. So long as I bought the DVD, I should be able to make use of that content on a personal basis any way I want. Sure, if I start selling copies, or even giving them away, that's a problem. If I want to watch on another device? Not so much.

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posted by James Robertson

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