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Extra Stupid

November 24, 2013 12:29:46.505

In my daily trawl through realcleartechnology.com, I cam across this odd demand from David Braue:

Previous versions of iWork had promise as an alternative, but I have a long-running feud with Apple over iWork for one simple reason: Apple refuses to give it the ability to simply load and save files in Word's .DOC format. That's right: the only way to handle documents in Pages is by saving your working documents as .pages files which are, inexplicably, often 10 or more times larger than their Word .DOC equivalent and then exporting .DOC versions as and when you need them.

Right, Apple should cede control of their future feature set to whatever the doc format can support, and they should be willing to live at the mercy of whatever MS decides to do with it. Sure, Sure. I've used Pages for years now; the extra five seconds to export into .doc format is not a problem. Oh, and news flash, David - Pages does, in fact, read .doc format. Either that, or I've been imagining things for a decade now.

Can we find some tech writers who know something about the topics they natter on about? There are plenty of things to complain about with Pages, believe me. This isn't one of them.

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posted by James Robertson

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