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A Pharo HTTP Server in One Minute

July 9, 2012 14:03:53.000

I have a Linux VM lying around somewhere, so I'll have to give this a try:

How easy and how fast can you download, install and start a complete Pharo Smalltalk based HTTP Server on a bare Linux machine ?

$ curl http://zn.stfx.eu/zn/pharo-server.sh | bash

The above Linux command will download, install and run a Pharo Smalltalk HTTP Server on a stock Linux server. In well under a minute (in 10 seconds below, actually), you can browse http://localhost:1701 and all this with way less than 20Mb being downloaded. Mind you, this is quick hack, for some this will be old news, for others I hope this feels like magic

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posted by James Robertson

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