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I Don't Want My Console to Use Auto-Off

October 3, 2013 22:01:31.956

Polygon has a post up about energy efficiency and gaming consoles. To the surprise of very few who know me, it's a topic about which I care very little. However, I do care about "auto off":

"An obvious low hanging fruit is enabling auto switch off by default," said Delforge. "The big prize is to make that as seamless as possible so that the users are not even aware that it's there."

Why? There are still games out there (Bioshock Infinite comes to mind) that don't allow saving whenever you want - they just have checkpoints. The last thing I need is to be most of the way to a checkpoint, have to pause because real life pops up... and have the damn console shut off because someone who thinks they know what's good for me decided to make that the default.

Pro Tip: The default should be the option that is least likely to cause end users problems, not the option that makes people with too much time on their hands feel better about themselves...


posted by James Robertson

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