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Smalltalk at 30: STIC 2013

November 29, 2012 14:56:37.539

This is from Evelyn Van Orden, whose history with Smalltalk goes all the way back:

Smalltalk-80 was launched from the ivory tower of PARC on April 24, 1983. InfoWorld published an article May 30, 1983 with a picture of the "Smalltalk" balloon that was on the lawn at PARC that day: InfoWorld May 30, 1983: Smalltalk-80 is official

I was there.

Adele Goldberg and Dave Robson autographed my Blue Book. Adele autographed my Orange Book which has my Appendix titled "Smalltalk-80 Software Development Do's and Don'ts". Glenn Krasner autographed my Green Book.

30 Years of Smalltalk
Next Spring will mark 30 years since that launch. February of this year was exactly 20 years since I left Xerox and retired from the software industry, and I was curious about the state of Smalltalk in the marketplace. So I started researching online and contacting colleagues from those early days to see if there might be any interest in organizing an event to celebrate Smalltalk’s 30th Anniversary.

This Summer, I spoke with Adele Goldberg, Dave Robson, Dr. Tom Love (1st commercial Smalltalk-80 customer; co-developer of Objective-C), Angela Coppola (contract manager for The Analyst), Georg Heeg, and many others.

I learned that the Smalltalk Industry Council (STIC) has been holding annual Smalltalk developer conferences, and Georg Heeg (whom I met in 1984) is the Executive Director. After discussions with Georg and his team from Cincom Systems, GemStone, and Instantiations, it was decided that the theme of the 2013 Conference will be "30 Years of Smalltalk"

Smalltalk Conference 2013
The STIC’13 Conference will be held June 9-12, 2013 at the Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park (Phoenix). The Call for Participation is being finalized and will include a Call for Papers about the history of Smalltalk, specifically information that has not been published elsewhere.

What We Need
We need your help to make the conference and the reunion a success:

  • Invite colleagues to participate - send their contact info to me or ask them to connect with me on LinkedIn
  • Historical information, especially info not previously published: send stories, interviews, photos, videos, etc.
  • Donations of memorabilia for a silent auction; proceeds to benefit software engineering scholarships
  • Attendance at and ideas for a 30 Years of Smalltalk Reunion Banquet to be held during the conference
  • Submission of papers - Call for Participation will be available soon

Please contact me if you’re interested in participating.

Smalltalk Rules!

Evelyn Van Orden
Director, Smalltalk 30th Anniversary Reunion

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