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Streaming The Future

August 7, 2012 9:42:17.000

Spotted in Planet Squeak

The Altitude web framework has reintroduced work done on a new streams library Xtreams. Traditional Smalltalk-80 streams have served well for decades. Michael Lucas-Smith and Martin Kobetic started Xtreams as an attempt to distill some of their experience into a new implementation of streams. A great video of the 2010 ESUG talk is available here

While Xtreams originated in Cincom Smalltalk, the full codebase is no longer available in the Cincom public repository (you would have to check with Cincom to find out why that is; I have no idea). That means that going forward, Pharo and Squeak are probably your best sources for Xtreams.

Update: Looks like Cincom changed their mind - the code is now in the public store repository

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posted by James Robertson

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