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The Method That is the Bane of my Work Life

July 30, 2011 15:34:49.627

I must have spent more time in the method #moveEditVerticallyBy: (in DatasetView) over the last decade than anywhere else. Just today, I was notcing a problem in the keyboard navigation in one of our datasets - and the reason is this bit of code at the bottom of the method:

	nextIndex == #changedIndex ifTrue: [^true].
	self editAt: nextIndex downcast: false.
	self triggerEvent: #cellGettingFocus.
	self topComponent keyboardProcessor currentConsumer: editor widget controller.

Note what's not there: a #valueChange sent to the controller. Without that, you get the bizarreness of the UI looking like it's selected, but the system doesn't actually register it as selected.

Now, that's in VW 7.6. In the latest release (7.8), this is fixed. Unfortunately, I'm not working in 7.8....

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posted by James Robertson

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