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When Everyone is a Criminal...

July 15, 2011 10:32:05.998

When everyone is a criminal, the net effect is that no one is. Consider France's 3 strikes law - in a nation of 65 million people:

The volume of alleged infringement is even higher than earlier reports suggested. More than 18 million complaints have been submitted so far, and Hadopi hasn't been able to keep up. So far, only 470,000 initial warning e-mails have been sent to French Internet users. Only a small fraction of those—about 20,000—have received second notices, and around 10 French Internet users have received their third "strike" and are now facing possible penalties.

Now, imagine that the RIAA or MPAA got what they wanted, a law like that here? How many people would the feds have to employ to keep up?

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posted by James Robertson

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