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Finished Red Dead Redemption

October 5, 2010 18:26:58.000

I finally finished the main plot in Red Dead Redemption - without giving anything away, I have to say that I was a bit surprised by the way the game "kept going" after what I thought was the ending. It made sense though, and there's a side quest available for you to tie up the loose ends that are left from the game's "ending".

That's not the end to what you can do in the game by any means, either. Like Fallout 3, the game world is still alive, even though the plot is done. Random encounters still happen, and there are plenty of challenges left to accomplish (not to mention the gamer trophies).

I might work at some of that, or I might shuffle back to my in progress Dragon Age game - while I wait for October 19th and Fallout: New Vegas :)

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posted by James Robertson

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