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Let's Do the Time Warp

March 9, 2010 6:20:27.777

Ever wanted to experience 1993 (at least the web part) again? Well, if you have a modern Linux distro, you can:

Github user Alan Dipert has posted the source code for NCSA Mosaic 2.7 on the code-hosting website. You can download it and run it on any modern Linux installation. It seems to run on Ubuntu just fine, though PNG support is a little wonky. The good news is that the folks on Github are actively submitting patches.

You'll have to ignore Google (or any modern search engine) to get the real feel, but there it is. It's hard to explain why those of us who were in that first wave of online users were so excited, given images like this:

Just seeing that "S" image brings back memories :)

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posted by James Robertson

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