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In Which an OSS Advocate Fails to Learn

January 4, 2010 12:48:56.082

I love this "call to action" from Michael Widenius amusing - here he decries Oracle acquiring MySQL:

It's not in the Internet users interest that one key piece of the net would be owned by an entity that has more to gain by severely limiting and in the long run even killing it as an open source product than by keeping it alive. If Oracle were allowed to acquire MySQL, we would be looking at less competition among databases, which will mean higher license and support prices. In the end it's always the consumers and the small businesses that have to pay the bills, in this case to Oracle.

Simple question for Mr. Widenius: just who sold MySQL to Sun in the first place? Once you did that (and took the huge payday, I might add) - what did you expect was going to happen? A future filled with happy Unicorns?

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posted by James Robertson

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