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June 24, 2010 15:32:43.114

FedEx delivered the iPad and iPhone this morning; I got them both set up pretty quickly. The iPhone is nice, but the square-ish shape is kind of weird for an Apple product. My only complaint so far is this - in my pocket, I can't tell the back from the front. It's a minor quibble and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. I haven't tried a lot of things out yet - one thing I need to start using is voice commands with my headset.

The iPad is really nice - my daughter has already been using it to look things up for video games. It seems trivial, but it's nice to have a small device right there that's easy to read. I downloaded a free ebook a long time ago for my iPhone, but never really got anywhere with it. I went back to it on the iPad, and the reading experience on it seems very nice. I expect to shift a lot of my book purchases over to it.

My only complaint has nothing to do with the iPad - more of a "huh, what?" kind of thing. Facebook has no native iPad app yet? Seriously?

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posted by James Robertson

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