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Why Is the XBox One Concentrating on TV?

May 28, 2013 10:07:00.130

As much as I might wish it to be otherwise, it's a pretty sensible business reaction to reality:

So as a general matter, Sony’s PlayStation business is not making money. And yet they’re doing everything hardcore gamers want.


Well, although Cousins points out that the division of the company that contains Xbox has, over its lifetime, lost a bunch of money, we can see a clear upward trend in recent years. And again, to bring this up to date, the Entertainment and Devices Division had an operating income of $342 million in the last quarter.

The reality seems to be simple - having a $500 (or less) gaming device that consumes $60 games just isn't a profitable business to be in. It's might be part of the model for a profitable business, and that's what Microsoft is after. Serious gamers should just put together a PC with a good graphics card and hook that up to the TV...


posted by James Robertson


Re: Why Is the XBox One Concentrating on TV?

[kilon] May 30, 2013 7:15:57.929

Well pc means 2 options

a) Windoom , malicious, crashes, annoying things here and there

b) Linux very small community, hit and miss of playing games though Wine

Apple does not care about games, never did and never will.

Consoles still are hard to replace as experience from where I am standing.

So unless you are willing to tolerate windoom , console is still an one way street for the serious gamer.

Tv orientated XBOX one will probably be a huge fail outside US, where people are not that TV orientated.

Personally I am Apple person myself, I happen to own a PS3 myself (keeps colecting dust) but I am no longer gamming besides playing Heroes of Newerth with my iMac at home. Which is free to play , though I have spent around 300 euros in buying stuff off their store (custom avatars etc). But since I play it for years now and dont play or buy any other games its fine for me.

Re: Why Is the XBox One Concentrating on TV?

[James Robertson] May 30, 2013 9:13:37.139

To be fair, modern revs of Windows don't crash that often. Games do, but that has to do with the games, not Windows. I've had XCom on Mac go south, too. And I've had DA:O on Mac lock up the entire system.

Re: Why Is the XBox One Concentrating on TV?

[kilon] May 30, 2013 10:50:32.815

Well I am one of those cases that Windoom has been awful experience for me for over a decade, I am using it since 2006. I had a huge array of problems. I have lost count how many times I had to format hds to reinstall windoom. Last bet was few years ago where I heard that Win7 has THE most stable and most reliable windoom ever created. Had to try, I have to confess it felt more reliable but then horror started again with random reboots.

Because I had some corrupted ubuntu installs I blamed the hardware . So I bought a new PC, very good , 16 gb ram , blazing fast SSD , quad core at 3 ghz and a nvidia GTX640. Ubuntu was and still booting in 3 seconds, rock solid and reliable, no corrupts . I also had a partition for win7 cause I rely at work on Greek OCR. Anyway , I rarely used windoom and , even windoom bootted on 10 seconds cause of the fast SSD and seemed reliable and fast. Then one day BOOM random reboot with blue sceen of death exactly like with previous pc which was slow as a dog and completely diffirent setup.

I was never keen on buying an Appple. There are horror stories about the support here in my country and they are very expensive but, I had an imac for 5 years and it has been by far the smoothest ride I had in any OS. My only problems was some constant crashes with anything 3d, it was driver problem which Apple fixed in 15 days since my purchase. And a boot problem because I did not let the computer boot properly after a severe crash of a game (Grey sceen of death). And that was it. 2 problems in 5 years. I had crashes but nowhere as close as the ones I had with pre win7 era , and of course a crash depends alot on the software too.

Anyway my point is that there a lot of windoom haters out there that choose consoles because of that , so I dont think console are going to go anywhere. Just my opinion.

Re: Why Is the XBox One Concentrating on TV?

[kilon] May 30, 2013 10:52:01.927

sorry mistake , i meant I am using windoom since 1996 , not 2006.

Re: Why Is the XBox One Concentrating on TV?

[kilon] May 30, 2013 12:09:50.281

Just a disclaimer, I have no beef with microsoft in general. I love Microsoft office, really like C# and .NET , I respect what they did with visual basic , I admire their Metro move (not in the habbit of M$ to be so bold). And I am sure XBOX is a fine console to have , I was actually close to buying it. Oh and yes I really love my DOS days ;)

My problem is Windoom and Windoom alone.

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