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We Are Where We Would Have Been

July 30, 2010 12:59:19.554

Rudolf van der Berg explains how so many telecom execs get things wrong - they point at Apple (iTunes) and Google (YouTube) as "bandwidth hogs", without seeing the bigger reality:

The main reason this viewpoint irritates me is; they complain about their underinvestment in their network. They then point at two companies who are very visible, but don't really matter in the equation. If Apple hadn't existed, someone else would have come with a bandwidth hogging device in a matter of 0-2 years. If Youtube hadn't existed, Dailymotion and Facebook would have existed and would have delivered the goods. What I mean to say is that user behaviour wouldn't have changed and somewhere between 2010 and 2013 we would have hit the exact same limit as now.

Demand and technology met - had Apple and/or Google missed the boat, someone else would have caught it. The piper laying companies just keep under-guessing on how much pipe they'll need, and then they look around for someone to blame. It's a good article; read the whole thing.

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posted by James Robertson

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