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Watch and Wait

December 13, 2010 21:42:52.348

I'm back in Dallas, and I'm still waiting for network access and the work laptop to arrive. That's the bad news; the good news is, I do have an image with the entire system on it, and I'm having a look at the overrides and extensions (we are currently on VW 7.6), looking for potential issues in an upgrade to VW 7.7.1.

I was a bit worried about the Dataset mods they've made, but having looked at them a bit more, I'm less worried. What I really need to do is get network access so that I can build a 7.7.1 image and start really looking at things with the Comparison tool - but that's on hold. With luck, things will fall into place before the end of the week :)

posted by James Robertson

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