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The New ATT Data Plans: Out of Step With Reality

June 4, 2010 21:00:28.487

Unless you only stream video while you're on WiFi, the new data plans from AT&T are insane - Clicker did some basic math on it:

For example, if you download one episode of Mad Men (47min 41sec) from iTunes you’ll be using up 554MB for the standard video and a whopping 1.51GB for the episode in HD. That’s practically your whole data allotment.

AT&T has been explaining that the "average" iPhone user uses way less than 2GB of data per month, but: the iPhone is not the iPad. The iPad is a much better device for consuming video, and the usage patterns for it will differ from those of the iPhone.

If AT&T sticks to this plan, Apple will end up paying for it in very, very unhappy customers. Since Apple really, really doesn't like that, I expect this policy to change.

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posted by James Robertson

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