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The Downside of Open for Android

August 16, 2010 17:37:30.931

This is a situation Microsoft never really had to deal with: OEM's making major mods to the OS that resulted in older versions of the OS going out on different vendor hardware. However:

Just this month, both the Dell Streak and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 debuted running Android 1.6 under custom skins. I'll be blunt: There's absolutely no excuse for a brand new Android device to be shipping with a year-old version of the operating system. Froyo aside, Android 2.0 has been out since last October, and Android 2.1 has been around since January. Despite the two manufacturers' vague promises of upgrades -- Dell has said its Streak will receive the current version of Android sometime this year, while Sony has promised to bring the Xperia X10 up to version 2.1 before New Year's -- it's simply embarrassing and unacceptable for new hardware to be launching with such outdated software.

Now, contrast that with the iPhone - with Apple in control of both the hardware and the software, you get integration. Not without issues, as iOS 4 showed - but with a whole lot less confusion. This kind of thing is going to give Google fits for as long as it keeps happening.

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posted by James Robertson

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