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That Podcast 8: Skirting the Endgame (AAC)

November 8, 2010 8:30:28.550

That Podcast: FNV Diary

Welcome to episode 8 of "That Podcast: An FNV Diary" - a podcast where Michael Lucas-Smith and I document our trials and tribulations in Fallout: New Vegas.

On today's podcast, Makahlua joins us again as we skirt around the end game. We talked aboiut crashes (we've started hitting them big time), companion quests, and some of the more remote areas of the game map, like Guardian Peak. We also mention a couple of spots with good treasure you might have missed - but the hidden cache I mentioned towards the end is actually near Searchlight, not Primm. To find it, go around the irradiated Searchlight to the north, and you should "stumble" on it.

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