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Smalltalk in NYC

March 6, 2011 23:21:20.579

James Ladd will be at the NYC STUG on March 17th to talk about Redline Smalltalk:

Redline Smalltalk is Smalltalk for the Java Virtual Machine, because nothing is as productive as Smalltalk and the app has to run on the Java Virtual Machine. Redline compiles from source code directly to bytecode and is compatible with Pharo syntax. While Smalltalk on the JVM has been tried before there are some significant innovations coming with Redline, which will be detailed.

Follow the link for full details.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Smalltalk in NYC

[anonymous] March 7, 2011 0:57:16.019

I screwed up and got my dates mixed up. The presentation is on the 17th. thanks



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