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Smalltalk Daily 08/17/10: A Blog Server in WebVelocity

August 17, 2010 11:14:49.532

Today's Smalltalk Daily builds a simple Blog Server in WebVelocity 1.1 - 3 methods and 5 minutes. To jump to the video now, click here. Or, if you want to view the video on YouTube, go here.

The code I added is:


renderActionsOn: html

	super renderActionsOn: html.
	html button
		class: #comment;
		callback: [self addComment];
		with: 'Comment'.

	| comment |
	comment := Comment new.
	(self call: (CommentEditUI on: comment)) ifTrue:
		[comment bePersistent.
		object comments add: comment.
		object commitUnitOfWork]


renderDetailsOn: html

	| sorted |
	sorted := SortedCollection sortBlock: [:a :b | a created >= b created].
	sorted addAll: self objects.
	sorted do: [:each |
		html anchor 
			callback: [self call: (PostViewUI on: each)]; 
			with: each title. 
		html text: ' -- ', each created printString.
		html paragraph: [html text: each content].
		html horizontalRule]

Click on the viewer below to watch it now:

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You can download the video directly here. If you need the video in a Windows Media format, then download that here. If you like this kind of video, why not subscribe to "Smalltalk Daily"?

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posted by James Robertson

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