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Scripting Squeak and Pharo

August 10, 2010 17:08:39.974

Spotted in Planet Squeak:

The frustrating part is not using many images (which is pretty cool to have multiple computers running at once… but I digress), but setting up the images every time.  So I decided I’d find a way to load common configurations automatically.  But how would I communicate to the image that it should run certain code on startup?  A quick google found writing scripts.

This is one of the nice things we did to Cincom Smalltalk over the last few releases; made this kind of scripting a whole lot easier. In fact, if you check this Smalltalk Daily archive page, you'll find some nice examples. For a more general overview, I covered all of the command line arguments - for both images and the VM - here.

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posted by James Robertson

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