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ST 4U 262: Moving Classes Between Applications

July 25, 2012 7:24:45.320

Today's Smalltalk 4 You looks at moving classes and methods between ENVY Applications. If you have trouble viewing it here in the browser, you can also navigate directly to YouTube. To watch now, click on the image below:

Moving Code.

If you have trouble viewing that directly, you can click here to download the video directly. If you need the video in a Windows Media format, then download that here.

You can also watch it on YouTube:

Sometimes you need to move one or more classes from one Application to another (in ENVY). It's fairly easy to do, but there are a few things to keep in mind. To set up, we've created three applications. In the first one, we defined a class. In the second, we extended that class (with a new method). In the third, we defined another new class:

3 Apps

Before we can move a class between applications, we need to open the editions (both source and destination). In the example here, all three applications have been released; we'll create open editions first:

open editions

Next, we'll try to move the class in MyApplication1:



In the second image above, all the applications to which we could move the class are listed. Notice that MyApplication2 is not listed? It's open, but it extends the class in question. Given that setup, we cannot move the class into MyApplication2. We can move it into MyApplication3, because it's open, and has no extensions that get in the way.

Why isn't anything else listed? That's simple - we didn't create an open edition on anything else - thus, they are all ineligible to be recipients of the move. ENVY only shows us the possible destinations.

Now, select the class in MyApplication3, and try to move that. You'll see the following options:


Finally, try moving the extension in MyAplication2:


That can be moved to MyApplication1, where it would simply join the rest of the class. If we do that, the browser will look like this:


As with any changes made in an open edition, VA highlights them for us.

Need more help? There's a screencast for other topics like this which you may want to watch. Questions? Try the "Chat with James" Google gadget over in the sidebar.

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