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Puttering with Silt

February 12, 2010 13:37:11.403

I've been puttering with the Silt codebase (which powers this, and my Cincom blog). There's some cruft in there, but one place I haven't spent much time until recently was in the "how do I set it up" region. The blog creation UI now works properly in 7.7 (under the tools menu), but that's not really sufficient. What I really need is a simple base image, with a listener already running, and a simple "set up a blog for me" tool. I'll have a look at that over the next few days, maybe it'll be worth a screencast :)

For now, grab VW 7.7 NC, connect to the public store (a connection is built into the NC image), and load Silt. Then pull down the tools menu, and try "Blog Manager". Hit the "New" button, add an email address for "maintainer", and you should be good to go with a localhost setup.

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posted by James Robertson

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