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Privacy: Deeper than you Think

February 13, 2010 10:18:39.649

When Google rolled out Buzz, I doubt that they figured on stalker management as one of the issues they would have to deal with. BusinessInsider points out that they were wrong about that...

Update: As is quite often the case, Dare Obasanjo hits on a great example of the less dangerous - but far more common - issues involved here:

Ignoring some of the privacy issues of the people you email with becoming a public friends listthere is still the question of whether the feature is good for users in isolation. Here s a story; my wife is divorced and has kids from her previous marriage. This means she exchanges a lot of email with her ex-husband and his new wife around kid visiting schedules, vacations, etc. Do you think my wife would consider it a great feature if one day she started getting status updates on how her ex-husband and his new wife spend their days due to introduction of social networking features in her email client?

The "auto-follow" idea seems like just the thing that a young 20-something might come up with as a great idea - but that someone with a few more years under their belt would have had 2nd and 3rd thoughts about...

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posted by James Robertson

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