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Pharo Powers Forward

August 30, 2011 20:47:19.799

Spotted in Planet Squeak

Pharo 1.3 is in release candidate mode. The last action needed for release is to package the OneClick image with the right Cog VM. On this side Igor is working on a few critical fixes that should be ready in a couple of days. So you can put the Champagne in the fridge now. Pharo 1.4 is in alpha mode. Note that starting from 1.4 only one image will be released. Releasing two images actually needs too much effort for our community. Furthermore the core developers usually work on PharoCore and it's hard for them to follow bugs on a image (Pharo) they don't use. So one small image with easy package loading (and unloading) seems a better way to go. Only one Pharo. About infrastructure, continuous integration server is moving from Hudson to Jenkins. The Hudson server will be stopped when the migration is finished. For Cog VMs, Pharo 1.4 and current projects, check the Jenkins server.

Lots of interesting things happening with Pharo these days...

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posted by James Robertson

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