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Partying Like it's 2001

April 28, 2010 10:07:23.000

Apparently, corporate IT shops are keeping IE6 alive - during work hours, it's the 4th most common browser in use - after hours, usage drops in half:

"It almost looks like individual Internet users are more tech-advanced at home than the IT departments where they work," said Alden DoRosario, Chitika's CTO, in a statement. "It's crazy to think that people whose job description revolves around employees having secure ways to browse the Web would keep IE6 alive, while these same employees go home to more secure browsers."

It's an amazing thing. The intranet I hit at work is usable in IE7 and 8, but only after I set compatibility mode. We have met the enemy, and he is us...

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posted by James Robertson

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