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Not Getting the Web

March 7, 2011 16:27:37.000

The growing adoption of Facebook Comments has set off the usual complaints about how one company is "taking over" the web, but Steve Cheney has posted a new level of stupid:

Face it, authenticity goes way down when people know their 700 friends, grandma, and 5 ex-girlfriends are tuning in each time they post something on the web.

Later he says that anonymous posting isn't really his point, so I have to wonder - has he heard of Google? Has he noticed what's happened to every prominent person who's tried to stay anonymous on the net? Exactly what authenticity is the web stealing?

Back pre-internet, if you tried the sort of "authentic" conversation that Cheney seems to want in different venues, word would eventually snake back to everyone else through the grapevine. The only thing that the net has done for that is to make the grapevine bigger and faster. I have to wonder whether Cheney understands the medium he's commenting on at all....

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posted by James Robertson

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