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Good News, Bad News

May 14, 2010 13:14:01.000

I won't lament "Flash Forward" being cancelled - the book was way, way better, and didn't veer off into ridiculous conspiracies. However, it's a travesty that "Better off Ted" is being whacked - that's a great show.

Meanwhile, the eminently unwatchable "V" got renewed. Meh. SciFiWire has the story.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Good News, Bad News

[Peter William Lount] May 14, 2010 15:00:12.402

Yeah for "V"!

Yeah for Chuck!

Never saw Flash Forward so don't know if it's yeah or nah on that one.

Defying Gravity was cancelled just as it was getting it's space legs.

Numb3rs was cancelled mid season! Yikes. Loved that show. Sigh.

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