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GUI Tools for GST

August 5, 2011 15:38:18.000

There's an announcement for new GUI tools for GNU Smalltalk. Sounds like early days, but there's code to play with, and a screencast:

I am working on an IDE for GNU Smalltalk from time to time. It is called Overlord and it is a simple and classic class browser like gst-blox (so nothing new). It has come to a stage where it might have its usage for some people.
Besides the very very ugly coding, it lacks some major features like exporting capability, debugger and inspector. Also its text editor is just a text view for now... But you can do simple things like adding/editing/removing namespaces, classes, methods and it has syntax highlighting.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: GUI Tools for GST

[Frank Shearar] August 6, 2011 11:02:55.783

Perfect timing, what with the resurgence in interest in CLI in Squeak and Pharo (Spoon's WebDAV support + emacs, Coral, ...).

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