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End of an Era

July 19, 2011 11:05:43.372

Borders is liquidating - all I can say is wow. I spent many a happy hour browsing there, but Amazon has replaced them for me. It's not about e-books (although that accelerated the trend) - it's really about two things:

  • Amazon's "shelf" is infinitely bigger, and includes things (independent publishers) that Borders never had
  • Amazon's recommendation engine is far, far better than scanning shelves or asking an employee

That latter point is what tipped me. At the store, I really only saw what they had in stock. At Amazon, I see things I never would have thought of, based on other books I've read or am looking at. Add in the instant gratification of an ebook download, and it's the deathknell of physical bookstores for me.

posted by James Robertson


Re: End of an Era

[W^L+] July 22, 2011 13:17:43.538

I have never found Amazon's recommendations to be very good. Nor does it fit the totally random find.

On the other hand, Borders' constant clawing for my e-mail address, and their bombarding me once they finally got it placed them on my 'do not buy' list. I'll continue to hit B&N, local booksellers, and Amazon. I will not miss Borders much, if at all.

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