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Dawnguard, Mods, and CTD

August 3, 2012 14:26:12.776

A while back, we recorded a podcast on crashing problems related to mods in Skyrim. At the time, it sounded like Michael had run into an edge case that wouldn't impact that many people. Based on what I just ran into, I don't think that's the case anymore. Here's what just happened:

  • I installed Dawnguard via Steam
  • I had to unsubscribe to a number of mods that changed towns and villages, because I was getting a CTD on any exit of an area
  • Things ran fine again, through getting the first Dawnguard quest
  • I went into Dimhollow, and suddenly started getting freezes. A lot.
  • Then the game started CTD every few minutes
  • A look at the logfiles (see this for an explanation on setting that up) showed lots of stack traces, and my save files had suddenly jumped from 13 MB to 50MB

I suspect that most people using the PC game are going to slam headfirst into this, because the intersection of people still playing the game and people using mods is pretty high (especially given how easy it is to install mods with the Steam workshop).

This is utterly game breaking. I now have a level 63 character (with well over 100 hours invested) that is unplayable. Bethesda needs to worry about this, a lot. The game may be slow on the PS3, but it's not completely unplayable.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Dawnguard, Mods, and CTD

[anonymous] August 6, 2012 23:49:13.485

Got same issue however I haven't seen any of posts on steam, gamefaq, etc.

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